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By Tin Jacobs > 1980 > 2016


1987 / Nude on Easels

“Nude on easels” on the Art happening “De Rode draad” at the Vooruit, Gent. Eight times naked with covered face, seen in a full circle around the model, in one pose, placed on eight easels.          


1986 / Reconstruction

Art In containers beside the Schelde in Antwerp. Tin Jacobs makes a “Reconstruction” of a living room with its paintings on the wall of the container. All the painted objects from the paintings are located really inside the container. Also Tin Jacobs herself was living there in […]


1982 / About Hate and Love

The installation “about Hate and love” at Club Moral. The Installation consisted a film with projection screen, a spoken diary on audio cassette and one painting “The Eagle”