Tin Jacobs

Self-Portrait with Red Hair Band
2008 – acrylic on canvas – 160 x 100 cm

Tin Jacobs is a visual artist living and working in Antwerp, Belgium. Her works, generally based on thematic projects, contain a strong concept, being the contrast between irreconciliable opposites or some kind of apparent paradox with a touch of irony and humour. That’s why her work can’t be unriddled at a first sight and requires an attentive and close scrutiny to find the key that leads to the painter’s fairy-like, but at the same time fierce universe.
Although the artist has been experimenting with other media as video art and multimedia installations, painting continues to hold a central position troughout her entire work

Her paintings are figurative, but shouldn’t be approached in a purely narrative or anecdotal manner. They present themselves as “tableaus” , even when they seem to be portraits or landscapes. Under the surface her work hides in its visual and colour language a latent and dormant resignation. She paints all these layers of meaning from a subconcious that doesn’t want to tell stories but evokes an existential atmosphere. It isn’t a cheerful or jolly atmosphere nor a dark pessimistic one. Her work has a strong plastic and expressive quality, full of emotions with a heavy painter’s brush and vivid and bright colours used for solid subjects. Her work is an invitation to visual and pictorial pleasure.
In her paintings you perceive a kind of obstinacy, a recalcitrance to be ranged in some category, or to conform to the norms or standards of any form of art, be it modernism, conceptual art, postmodernism, etcetera… It is as though the art of painting in se doesn’t meet all of her expectations. She attempts to flee rules and routine, as they more or less determine in advance how the work will look like. This way her paintings acquire a surprising naturel, free of any trendy artifice, that is quite personal and idiosyncratic, making her work quite recognizable in spite of the rich variety of her subjects.

In more recent years Tin Jacobs has started working on greater projects. At the same time the art of drawing started to acquire more and more importance for subjects that are more and more related to her personal and private domain.

(This text is a compilation of quotes of articles written by Paul Illegems, Jan Braet, Mark Ruyters.)